About the Board

District 1
Jorge Valdes, Esq.

1st District
Jorge Valdes, Esq.

Mari Barke
Trustee Mari Barke Bio

2nd District
Mari Barke

Ken L. Williams
Trustee Ken L. Williams Bio

3rd District
Ken L. Williams, Jr., D.O.

Tim Shaw
Trustee Tim Shaw Bio

4th District
Tim ​Shaw​

Lisa Sparks
Trustee Lisa Sparks Bio

5th District
Lisa Sparks, Ph.D.

​The Orange County Board of Education consists of five lay members who represent the five trustee areas of the county. Board members are elected for a four-year term by the electors of the trustee area which they represent. From among its members, the Board elects a president and a vice president. The Board has as its secretary and executive officer the County Superintendent of Schools, who is elected by the people every four years.


The Orange County Board of Education provides educational opportunities for Orange County students, promotes student achievement, and offers leadership, services, and resources for Orange County school districts, educators, and the community.

Public Participation​

Any individual desiring to address the Board is asked to complete a request form which may be obtained from the Recording Secretary.

Members of the public may address the Board of Education regarding any agenda and/or off-agenda items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board of Education provided that NO action may be taken on off-agenda items unless authorized by law.

Comments shall be limited to three minutes per person and thirty minutes for all comments. If the topic of discussion is a current agenda item, the citizen may be asked to delay discussion until the subject is before the Board at the regular agenda time.


Agendas and summaries of the Board action may be obtained via the Internet at www.ocde.us or by contacting the Recording Secretary at the Orange County Department of Education, 200 Kalmus Drive, P.O. Box 9050, Costa Mesa, California 92628-9050. Phone: 714.966.4012. Web: www.ocbe.us​


Orange County Board of Education responsibilities include:​

  • Approving the annual budget of the Orange County Department of Education
  • Receiving the annual audit of the Orange County Department of Education
  • Maintaining an awareness of the operations and financial conditions of the school districts in the county
  • Approving the purchase of property for department programs
  • Serving as Orange County’s appeal board for the adjudication of expulsion appeals and interdistrict attendance appeals
  • Representing Orange County’s education community and families at the local, county, state, and national level
  • Informing local communities about the programs and achievements of the Orange County Department of Education

Unity of Purpose

As the Orange County Board of Education, and in conjunction with its own California County Boards of Education and the California School Boards Association Professional Governance Standards, we have an agreed upon understanding of our unity of purpose to:

  • Keep the county focused on learning and achievement for all students
  • Govern in a dignified and professional manner, treating everyone with civility and respect
  • Govern within board-adopted policies and procedures
  • Provide opportunities for input on a diverse range of views from the community to ensure informed board deliberations 

Board Compensation  ​

Each board member receives $562.61 for compensation for attendance at meeting(s) of the Orange County Board of Education each month. This in accordance with the Education Code Section #1090. In addition to compensation for meeting attendance, board members receive department paid benefits, which includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, at an annual cost of $17,970.84 to $26,957.76 (cost varies based on plan selection and number of dependents).