Invocation requests 

Persons interested in delivering an invocation at an Orange County Board of Education meeting should send a letter of interest in writing. Please send an email to or the Orange County Board of Education at PO Box 9050, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050. Names will be chosen at random and those accepted will receive written confirmation by email from the Board Clerk. Confirmations will identify the date and time for the invocation.

Invocation Guidelines

Prayers or invocations shall not denigrate nonbelievers or religious minorities, proselytize, advance or disparage any religion or belief, promote harm to people, or threaten damnation or preach conversion.  In all other respects, the board will not regulate the content of the prayers or invocations presented at board meetings.​

Invocations shall not last more than three minutes and it is expected that the invocation focus on Orange County’s children with a special emphasis on the children whom the Orange County Board of Education and the Orange County Superintendent of Schools serve.  Presenters should be sensitive to the issues on the agenda for the particular meeting and the emotional concerns of those in attendance.​​